April 13, 2004

Online Advertising Networks (cpc, Cpm, Cpa, Cpl) - Pay Per Impression & Pay Per Click Ads

Frankly, You might all be very very shocked to READ this FACT!
I serve 70,000 AD Impressions per day and Yesterday I made only $2.82 by showing 28,563 AD impressions from one network (Pay per Impression or CPM ad network) called Rightmedia. ( I will tell you about this network later )

I really dont know what the hell is wrong with the AD companies (whether CPM or CPC) and why I am not able to make any good money.. Anyway, I have stopped bothering about individual ad companies. The problem is the Forums. When same persons keep on visiting a site, they soon view all the ads which can be offered by a company. Soon, The company runs out of ads to show to a particular user and hence, further AD impressions are wasted Cost per <- snipped -> are good for sites with many unique visitors but not for Forums where same people keep on visiting. Also, members seem to get immune to ads and their eyes automatically learn to ignore them. Especially TEXT PAY PER <- snipped -> So I stick with Pay Per Impression ADs which are usually bright to attract attention and also give out some better results than compared to Pay Per Click.

Since I have more number of repeating visitors, I now use 10 + diffrent ad networks and run them off an adserver so that a visitor is able to see maximum no. of diffrent ads. I NEVER used to respect the advertisers money before.. I used to ask members to <- snipped -> .. etc.. but Now I very much respect their money and try to be as faithful as possible. Hence, I have stopped worrying about high paying ads and I think about showing as many diffrent ads as possible. So that the same ads are not being repeated (even though they may be highly paid).

The next reason is, I got lots of international traffic. Everyday, I get visitors from ATLEAST 75 countries. Of which, only US, UK and CANADA are commercially important. ( No offence to people from outside US/UK/CANADA :-P ) Anyway, International traffic simply does not have much of any commerical importance and many few advertising networks seem to support it.

If you got a high performing forum, Dont go for pay-per- <- snipped -> (except google and adsonar). Also befware of IMPRESSIONS policy. There are two types in it. One is RAW and the other is based on UNIQUE CAP.

RAW : The name explains it. All the impressions are counted.
UNIQUE CAP : Only Unique members (IP) are counted that too, Once every X amount of time. Where X is the decided time (usually it is 24 hour )

CPM : Cost per Thousand ( M = Roman symbol for 1000 )
It is used by programs that pay on an impression basis -- with the CPM rate being the amount you earn for every 1000 times an advertisement is displayed. For example, a $5 CPM means you earn $5 every time 1000 ads are displayed on your site.

CPC : Cost per Click
This term relates to the amount that will be charged to the website every time someone clicks on their link, for example if the CPC is 5p then the company will be charged 5p whenever someone clicks on the link.

CPL : The cost an advertiser pays per lead. This is a very common method of selling advertising. A lead can be anything from an e-mail address for a newsletter to a complete survey that needs to be completely filled out and verified in order to get credit. CPL prices can range greatly depending on the program.

CPA : Cost per action for banner ads. This is the best type of rate to pay for banner advertisements, and the worst type of rate to charge. Advertisers only pay for the visitors who click on their banner and then sign up, fill out a form, or purchase something on their website. This is most common for Affiliate Programs. My opinion is this type of payment arrangement is already an endangered species, and will soon become extinct.

NET Terms : The Net Terms define the amount of time after which you will recieve your earned money. Advertising companies do this in order to avoid a restraint on their cash flow. So if you have agreed upon NET 30 terms then you will recieve payments exactly 30 days after the end of your earning period. i.e. Suppose your earn $362 by the End of Jan, so the company will send you payment at the end of Feb


These guys pay a decent amount and it has nothing hidden in it. They straight away mention that 1000 impressions from US will be paid @ $0.28
Beware : Many impressions which they cannot fill up will be wasted. I have lost more than 36000 impressions this month. Later I realised they support a DEFAULT ad feature by which IF they can't fill in an inventory then they show your AD instead (which can be an ADCODE of other network too ). ONe more point, The default ADS which are shown have some problems and they are scrolled in the Iframe. So they are not clearly visible. Anyway, since these people really pay the amount they claim, they are really Good from my point of view. Even though they pay a bit-small amount. wink.gif

Brief Background : They are a major network. A Part of Yesup Ecommerce Solutions Inc. Clicksor ( Pay Per <- snipped -> network ) is their sister company.

Advertising Network Contact Details : Online Support at paypopup.com

Payment Term : NET 15
Payment Method : PayPal / Check / Wire Transfer
Publisher Criteria : 250,000 impressions/month


Type : Pay Per Impression ( CPM / eCPM )
They only accept big networks.. When I joined , things were very cool. I got satisfactory CPM (Cost per Thousand - M->Thousand in Roman ) rates. But just after 2 weeks, The CPM rate has fallen below 0.10 which is very very poor.. I still havent been paid by Rightmedia, and I will let you people know if they pay :-p (Still testing)

Advertising Network Contact Details : publisher@rightmedia.com

Payment Term : NET 60
Payment Method : Check
Publisher Criteria : 250,000 impressions/month


Type : Pay Per Impression ( e-CPM )
These guys are also Good. But the payout solely depends on your performance. The amount you earn is @ your CTR (Click through RATE) So if even 5 people click your ads per 1000 impressions you get around $0.30 CPM rate. (recommended)

Advertising Network Contact Details : NA

Payment Term : NET 60
Payment Method : Check / PayPal / WireTransfer
Publisher Criteria :
-> 10,000 impressions per month (7,500 Unique).
-> Root level domain name (Http://www.mydomain.com ).
-> 80% US/UK/CAN audience.


Type : Pay Per Impression ( CPM / eCPM )
If you have a lot of UK Traffic, then this AD network is recommended. I used them and I have the following stats which can give you a better idea.

Total impressions: 5077
Total clicks: 5
Total revenue: £0.57

Please not that, In the above stats, there were ( 1186 + 31 ) default Ad views. This shows that Their company is not able to completely fill up your AD inventory. However, If we do a bit calculation here, I was paid for approx. 3860 Ad Impressions. That means, their Effective payout rate was around ( £0.14 )
So, I would recommend these guys :-) But dont think about this network if you have mixed traffic. It is advisable that you serve your ADvertising space using some AD-server. And Geotarget this company to UK traffic only.

Advertising Network Contact Details :
Toby Harwood
Business Development Manager

tel: +44 (0)20 7631 4600
fax: +44 (0)20 7631 3122
email: tobyh at accelerator-media dot com

Advertising Network Contact Details : NA

Payment Term : NET 60
Payment Method : Check / PayPal / WireTransfer
Publisher Criteria :
-> 5,000 impressions per month.

RECOMMENDED : YES ( For UK Traffic Only )

BlueTime /  Azoogle Ads

Type : Pay Per Impression ( CPM / eCPM )
They are a good company (Pay Per Impression). After I applied, I talked to one of their Support techs and the setup was fast. The interface is cool. They claim to fill up 100% of your inventory.

Some Plus Points of this Advertising Network.
* 100% Inventory Fill
* 75%+ CPM Payouts
* Net 15 Payments

My statistics : The only reason I am impressed by this Advertising network is that I forwarded a lot of Asian traffic to them and still the eCPM rate was 18. Well, Considering 0.18 eCPM rate for traffic ( including Asia ) is really Good.

However, I don't think they can pay you higher than 0.30. As that is why I was said, when I asked them about the max. I would make If I give them 1000 Unique US impressions.

Advertising Network Contact Details :
AIM: bluetimesupport
phone: 905-946-0300 x362

Payment Term : NET 15
Payment Method : Check
Publisher Criteria :
-> 25,000 impressions per month.

RECOMMENDED : (This Pay Per <- snipped -> network is still under review, Will update shortly)


Type : Pay Per Impression ( CPM / eCPM )
I cannot comment much on this company. It is still a mystery though .. if it is really a company. The language and presentation of the sites is not soo good. I have sent them a email regarding it and they told that they are soon going to re-design their sites.
THE MAIN SITE also LACKS "Terms of Service","Privacy Policy" and other pages which specify the legal policies of a company. So I *cannot* comment on their reliability. They also own another Ad network called REALTEXTADS which was down when I signed up. *red flag*

As for the statistics are concerned, I am very much dissatisfied.

Here are the stats
728x90 (5) 15 11,534 3 0% $1.23

I don't remember If I had geotargetted their ads to US/UK/Canada but these stats are not satisfactory. And they are very much below average.

Advertising Network Contact Details :
PublisherRelations at realcastmedia dot com

Payment Term : Unknown
Payment Method : Unknown
Publisher Criteria : Unknown

RECOMMENDED : Not Recommended If you have repeating visitors.


Type : Pay Per Impression ( CPM / eCPM )
I dont know how I came to know about them, but this is still a young company. I have talked to their support and they seem very much dedicated. Customer support is good. Their system had some problems when I contacted them. I have started serving their ads and now awaiting for their interface to come online so I can check my pay per impression ( CPM ) statistics.

They have claimed to fill up not only US/UK/Canada traffic, but also Asian traffic which very less Advertising networks support. Anyway, I cannot recommend them at this stage.

Advertising Network Contact Details :
Director of Business Development
BannerConnect U.S.

AIM: BannerConnectus
MSN: BannerConnectUS
Yahoo: BannerConnectUS

Payment Term : NET 45
Payment Method : Check
Publisher Criteria : Unknown

RECOMMENDED : Ad-Network Still under Review!

Experclick Inc.

Type : Pay Per Impression ( CPM / eCPM )
I had tried them long time back. And I remember that I was very much unsatisfied with this Ad network. I closed the campaign right after the next day.

Very low payout.

( to be updated )

Advertising Network Contact Details :
Angela Kolata
Director of Sales
Experclick, Inc.
Make Every Impression Count™
voice 800.839.6504 x 112
fax    805.456.3100
angela at experclick dot com

Payment Term : Unknown
Payment Method : Check
Publisher Criteria : Unknown

RECOMMENDED : Ad-Network Still under Review!

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