November 07, 2013

Dear valued elders: MUHUBO is the choice of All residents in the Baargaal District, why not to choose her !!


The history of mankind was and will remain indebted to those who were the joints of change for the better and the finest , and to those whose goals were translation and consolidation of their concerns on the ground and over the years of their lives .

When MUHUBO ISMAAN GUULED decided to ran as deputy in the puntland parliament from Baargaal district we all were absolutely certain that she did not come from uk for a money or any other things, but her main purpose was to get a place where she can serve her people and her country.

After her tour in the region and after she won the hearts and support from the all community parts , non-selecting her in that position under any circumstances will be a shock and Inevitably will have an impact on everyone in all areas in the region .

Dear valued elders your decision would be a dream for many classes here in the community who saw in Muhubo as the new glimmer of hope and another chance to build a bridge of cooperation between the local community and its representatives in various government departments in puntland state.

Mohamed ibrahim

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