March 16, 2017

Fighting reported between Puntland forces and Fishermen who hijacked ship

District Commissioner of Alula In Gardafu region in Northeastern Somalia Mr. Ali Shire Mohamud Osman confirmed to the media that the confrontation happened.

Puntland authorities said earlier that they will send forces to the oil tanker kidnapped by the fishermen at the coast under its administration.

Local media reported there were casualties on the part of the Puntland forces, but could not identify the number.

It remains early to comment on the situation and the captives of the ship, but fihsermen threatened that they will defend themselves from everyone who attempts to force them.

the fishermen argued that they are fighting illegal ships and boats which are collecting their natural resources, mainly the fish.

In recent years, local officials have warned that rampant fishing by foreign trawlers was destroying the livelihoods of coastal communities in Somalia and particularly in northeastern regions stoking fears of a return of piracy as a way to make money. They have blamed Yemeni, Chinese, Indian, Thailand, Iranian and Djibouti-flagged fishing boats and trawlers.

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