August 29, 2017

#Guardafui Residents in #Somalia Say Their Roads Need Urgent Attention


While the Puntland Government has made significant strides developing new highways and repairing roads in all around Puntland state , residents in Guardafui region In the far east of Somalia complain that their roads have been neglected and poorly maintained.

After the storms of ChapalaMegh which caused heavy rains and landslides throughout Guardafui region in November 2015,the Puntland President of Somalia Dr Abdiwali Mohamed Ali Gas urged the Guardafui community to be patient about the speed of repairs.

However, almost two years later, the Puntland state government did nothing about it and even the simple rehabilitation works carried out by UNDP Somalia stopped

The elders of the Guardafui region insist on the need to repair the main road of lafa goray, which connects the area with each other immediately.

"They need to come and expand the narrow road so that two cars can pass at the same time because, as it is, one car must stop and wait for the other to pass; it's really bad,We are fed up" one local elder told daljir local radio.

Elsewhere in the Guardafui area, roads need to be renovated and new roads opened, Residents of the area insist that their roads are among the worst in Puntland and in Somalia

Another elder, who went to the radio headquarters in Bossaso, said the main road in his area, the lafa goray, is in desperate need of rehabilitation.

He added that "The road was created through joint community action in the years between 2005 and 2008 after the fall of many vehicles and the loss of youth lives after the fall of their cars over the mountains and skating to the sea  in a situation forced the residents of the region To move and rehabilitate the road to save the lives of those traveling in it

But this time the road is in a bad condition and needs a hard work  to repair what has been damaged by the weather conditions and storms that hit the region and must be done before someone needs to be delivered to hospital urgently Or before it becomes a fully enclosed area such as what happened during the Megh and Chapala storms

in this regard Elders , community leaders and elderly lived at the time of establishing lafagoray Road  called on Puntland Government,  the somali  federal government and the international bodies including UN bodies  to urgently rehabilitate and improve lafagoray Road  


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