April 10, 2004


The FISHINFONetwork (FIN) consists of 7 independent intergovernmental organisations as well as FAO GLOBEFISH, a unit situated in the Fisheries Department of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN (FAO).

Created to assist the fishery sector particularly in developing countries and countries in transition, the network provides services to private industry and to governments.

The execution of multilateral and bilateral projects is one of the main activities of the network. It is also widely known for its range of publications and periodicals as well as for the organisation of international conferences, workshops and training seminars.
FIN has more than 70 full time staff members and works with over 100 additional international consultants in all fields of fisheries. 50 national governments have signed international agreements with the different FIN services and are using the expertise of these services to develop the fishery sector worldwide.
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