January 27, 2009

Adoption Fundraising Ideas

Adoption can be an expensive process. Even the least expensive of adoptions can cost in the thousands of dollars. While there are ways that you can get financial help with the fees involved in adoption, you can still wind up with quite a heavy financial burden. Many families who find themselves in this sort of a position have turned to fundraising ideas to help with their adoption.
When thinking about adoption fundraising ideas, you can look at both traditional fundraising avenues, such as through a fundraising company, or you can look at nontraditional adoption fundraising ideas. For example, you might start a bottle campaign. For this fundraising idea, you will need to purchase bulk baby bottles. They can be used baby bottles, as you’re not going to be using them to feed anyone. Rather, you can ask friends, coworkers, businesses, churches, neighbors, and anyone else that you know to take a baby bottle and fill it with their spare change. Each bottle will probably wind up with somewhere between $15 and $25, so just twenty bottles will earn probably over $500.
Another idea is to find a product or service that you can offer. You might be able to knit, or to make crafts, or to cook. Offer these types of services to friends and family, and explain that the money will be going to your adoption. In many cases, you might find that people will pay much more for an item if they know that the proceeds are going to a good cause.
If you work outside of the home, you can talk to your employer about having a casual day at work, where the employees can “buy” a ticket to dress casually one day at work.
While this obviously isn’t going to happen in a large corporation, it might be acceptable in a smaller business.
There are many other adoption fundraising ideas you might pursue. You might have a bake sale, offer to baby-sit for friends and family, have a garage sale, have a silent auction, ask for donated pop cans or bottles, or any number of other types of adoption fundraisers. Let your imagination go and you might find you’ve got a great many ideas in just a short amount of time

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