January 03, 2009

My MyLot Earnings USD$14.73 November 2008 Received

Thanks again to MyLot. I have received my payment today. My earnings in MyLot for November 2008 is USD$14.73 and I got the payment today in my PayPal account. I am quite happy with it and I am going to make more this month.

I will work very hard this month (December 2008) so that I can show you the biggest earning and payment proof from MyLot in January 2009.

If you always follow my blog, you will find that I already got several payments from MyLot and you might already know what MyLot is. For me, I think that MyLot is a site for me to chat and discuss about a lot of stuff and make money at the same time when I discuss and chat.MyLot is a site for me to make extra income and work hard for the extra income. If you are still not sure what I MyLot, then you might want to read more about it using some of the links below.If you are not sure what is MyLot, read more about it below:

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Author: verified_user