January 26, 2009

Unsecured Business Loans – Grow Your Business Fast Without Placing Anything

Business runs on money and for money. There is no day in any business wherein there is no financial transaction. While some of your transactions can be carried out on credit, it is not always possible to carry out a process without cash in your hand. In case you need money to start a business, or for any process/transaction related to your existing business, you can opt for unsecured business loans
Keeping in view the needs of business workforce, the money lenders have devised a scheme wherein you can apply for a quick loan without having to place any collateral. Of course, there are schemes that allow you to place collateral too. But as the assessment of the property takes time, it is better to go for the unsecured loans if you need fast cash.
The amount that you can get as unsecured business loan depends upon your repayment capability. In case it is an existing business, the money lenders may ask for your financial statements. In case you want to finance your new business plan, the money lenders will study your parents’ repayment capability as well as your other sources of income.
The money you can avail under the unsecured business loans scheme can be as high as £80000. It can be higher if your repayment capacity is higher. The process is fast. You need not visit the money lender in person. You can apply on their website. Once the application form contents are verified, your money is transferred to you. The rate of interest may vary starting from 5 per cent. It may also depend on the credit rating you possess. Suppose you carry a bad credit, you may have to pay up to 7 per cent interest. But the fact that you get money as and when you want, this rate is nothing

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