August 05, 2010

Somalia: things can be changed overnight

Politician can be preacher in the mosque to pave the way for his ambitions Religious leader can be war lord and kill dozens to be famous leader or even president.

Poor person can be millionaire in one to two steps where chaos and myth prevail.I am at the coastal small town called Bargal at very horn of Africa near gardavue cape of Somalia.

One year before there was a dozen of militiamen from the citizens of the town and they were responsible for the security; because of that the town was the most secure town in the area. No thief’s can tray to loath some thing, no pirates can operate or do any thing, some of them were imprisoned , even they surrendered with their heavy weapons to the militia men.> Among the militia there were two of them well trained and one of the two was recruited and trained in Mogadishu with the transitional Federal Government of Somalia’s army and the other was sometime in the past among Ethiopian army though he is originally from this area.

These two soldiers were blessed by the community in the Bargal and its surroundings for their positive actions towards the security and the safekeeping of the area. Even they solved several disputes with their colleges and their relation with the people was good.

Some time after the administration of the Bargal weaken and some tribal calashes happened Puntland administration interfered and the militiamen were subject to be recruited among the Puntland police and to stop working in Bargal since some of them take part the clashes. Some of 20 soldiers from Puntland police took the responsibility of the security and later their some how withdrawn. And eventually no police from PuntlandState working in Bargal area and this caused pirates to operate and begun their work and first time pirates have recently seized a ship at Bargal coast.

What is breathtaking and everyone is astonished is that the soldiers I mentioned above is now among the pirates.

Yesterday they were praiseworthy and today they are pirates (the most hatred people in our area and may be in the world)


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