September 22, 2015

Non-payment of salaries threatens livelihoods project in Bargal District , which is funded by UNDP


vocational skills training Center In Baargaal District which Is belongs to UNDP’s Alternative Livelihoods to Piracy project (ALtP) may not be functional after the EID Holidays as Teachers, awaiting their salaries for the last two months, have threatened to quit their jobs and close the center.

Statment came out from One of the Teachers which is among 8 other Teachers hired by YPEER Network NGO which is Implementing the Project says that the teachers have decided if they are not paid their salaries, they would not be returning to the training Center after the EID vacation.

UNDP’s Alternative Livelihoods to Piracy project(ALtP) helps young people find solutions to fight back against some of the causes of piracy, including a lack of infrastructure and employment opportunities.

This Project Which Started in 2012, seeks to empower young people and reintegrate them into their communities through vocational training, rehabilitation of basic social and productive infrastructure, and small grants and start-up kits to establish businesses or trades.

Bargal District was one of the areas that received the opportunity and the project was started last june , which bring back hope in the eyes of many young men and women from the region who did not get better educational opportunities and who missed the train of education .

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