March 22, 2016

Puntland between protecting the rights of children and take revenge from the enemy who attacked its territory by stealth


In the past days, the Puntland forces launched a bloody war against Al Shabab terrorist militias Who sneaked into the Coastal areas in Mudug and Nugal Regions.

after Days of battles and siege the Puntland armed forces succeeded to eliminate the terrorist attack Quickly and effectively and they presented to the world a beautiful picture of the quality of Puntland Forces and their abilities.

after the completion of military operations the Surprise was the prisoners of the Alshabaab movement and even from among the dead, most of them was children have not attained the age of 15 Making the Puntland government in a difficult position to deal with this situation.

The use of child soldiers is not a new phenomenon in Somalia Since the emergence of the terrorist Group of al-Shabab in southern and central Somalia in late 2007, this movement has recruited many Somali children under the age of 18 to work as fighters in its ranks.

these children feeling alone and helpless , and they still too young to understand what is happening and they don't know how to defend themselves against the dangers, and its clear that they are forced to become soldiers.

All would shock if Puntland government trail and execute these children But it seems that the government of Puntland well aware of that Such as what appears in the first dealing with young prisoners.


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