February 11, 2017

Drought aid not reaching remote areas in gardafu region @Puntland @somalia

Remote areas in Gardafu region in semi-autonomous state of puntland in somlia  affected by Drought disaster are being left out in relief efforts 

Areas such as Mudiye , qorahad, onkoro  Which has been visited by the Gardafu Region governor and other officials Suffering from the effects of drought and lack of water which puts the lives of hundreds of families and their livestock at risk.

In an interview with some of the elders in the region they said that  their region is far away  from the centers of bodies and  relief  organizations in Puntland  which Making many organizations back from the midway and not deliver enough aid to their regions   which means that they are “not getting the same support” 

The worst region between these regions is qorahad village, where the governor inspected the  water ponds have dried up and broken 

before two weeks, the President of Puntland state of somalia HE Abdul Wali Muhammad Ali gas arrived in drought-affected areas and areas which his goverment described as remote in Bari  and Gardafu regions without continuing his journey to these areas where many families affected by drought exists

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