April 26, 2017

#Puntland Interior Ministry Good in Dissolution of Local councils and face difficulties in restructuring them

In a presidential decree issued in 17th of January of This year by the Office of the President of Puntland state of somalia , Professor Abdul wali Mohamed Ali Gas and with the blessing of the Puntland Ministry of Interior has been dissolved municipal councils in Bareda and Alula Districts and committees were set up temporary. 

There is no doubt that the decision of the desolution was a Society demand, but on what seems the ministry is facing difficulties in restructuring the local councils of these areas in period specified in Presidential Decree which was 45 days.

This situation reminds us  what happened in Muranyo District ( One of the areas that did not have a local council in Puntland And witness the failure of the puntland  Ministry of Interior )when things became complicated in the face of the Ministry of Interior and Ministry officials returned disappointed to the capital city of garowe 

Continuing delays in the conduct of local government elections in the Gardafuu Region , and  especially in districts ( Bareda & Alula) that were operating before the ministry enter and  desolve their boards and council members  is a clog in the wheel of progress in these areas and a delay of projects and development programs, which depend mainly on local municipalities work 

maybe the Officials at the Puntland Interior Ministry  afraid from the reaction of the sacked officials or former members of local councils,But that will not be an argument When it means a  delay in the essential services provided to the communities in these areas 

In the end,  we might say,That the Ministry of Interior in Puntland maybe awaiting authorization from the Ministry of Interior in the federal government of Somalia or from the new government which is formed by the recently elected Somali President HE Mohammed Abdullahi Farmajo for the formation of a new local councils in these rural Districts in Gardafue Region In the Far East in the state of Puntland in somalia 

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