April 14, 2017

Somalia : When ministers make false promises to the society !!! Who we believe


In Somalia and particularly In federal states like Puntland It is difficult to keep track of all promises made by ministers, executive officials and even president when its related to the support they promised to a local community in a rural area on construction of a health or education facility and even their promise to contribute with little money. 

Therefore, the credibility of the public finances of ministers and officials is very important not only to the project they are contributing to, which often stop if they do not fulfill their promises, but also to the emerging generations that learn from them and imitate them in public life

Of course, the ministers and the officials when they are making promises they only interested appearing on TV programs and magazines to provide  a model picture from their ministry and the work they are doing 

After a period of time, promises become difficult for ministers to implement

Then the ministers begun to retreat from the implementation of their commitments and stop responding to the messages that come from those who promised assistance , support and facilities so they hate everyone who talks with them in this regard,

These ministers forget that they was the ones whose imposed this on themselves

In conclusion, I wonder these questions 
- what is the best way to follow up the promises made by ministers
- why it has not been implemented and who is responsible for their implementation minister or the ministry or international organizations
- Is there a special authority to monitor the words of the officials

In short, we ask God Almighty to guide every minister and official who makes promises without counting his account. Can he carry out this promise in front of himself and in front of people and in front of God?

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