May 18, 2017

The decision of the prosecutor in Puntland to arrest The people accused of holding the oil tanker in Gardafuu puts the tribal leaders in the region in trouble


If you were paying attention to the news, Or have been following when an angry Armed men who was complaining From Foreign fishermen destroyed their livelihoods and deprived them of proper fishing have seized oil tanker near coast of Alula in Gardafuu region in semi-autonomous state of Puntland in Somalia You must have heard that Who persuaded the militants to get off and release the oil tanker without conditions or ransom were the clan leaders

In a meeting got on the surface of the captured oil tanker The words of tribal leaders were clear They said to the angry militants

" Until now you have not committed a crime , You must hear our message to you ,You should release the oil tanker and its crew without conditions or ransom and in our side we will take your complaint from illegal fishing vessels to the competent authorities, international organizations and the United Nation , as they put it in their statement" .

The role played by the tribal leaders was very sensitive After an exchange of fire took place between the armed men and the Puntland naval forces in the coast city of habo in Gardafuu region

The duty of the prosecutor is to seek justice, not only to convict.

far away from prosecution of vessels carrying illegal fishing , and far away from following up the corruption files that have become known For every one in Puntland regions

The prosecutor at Garowe court in Nugal region choose To open a file that is less important ordering to capture the militants who took part In the hijack of oil tanker

This step will open a fire On tribal leaders who were mediators and Who have confirmed that no one will be prosecuted In this case and also will make the future pirate hijacks more complex

In the end , it is difficult to implement this resolution , because the clans will begin to defense their sons from injustice decision and each tribe will expel Puntland state representative from their region

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