August 04, 2017

Puntland President appoints a ministerial committee to determine the damage and study the situation in Alula city

President of Puntland State in north-east Somalia, Dr. Abdul Wali Mohammed Ali Gas appointed yesterday a special ministerial committee to determine the damage and to study the situation in the city of Alula, the capital city of Guardafui province after heavy winds hit the city last days destroyed dozens of houses and swept dozens of small fishing boats

The committee was appointed after the Puntland State Council of Ministers discussed the issue at its meeting on Thursday.

The committee consists of four members including :

1. Minister of Public Works and Land Transport Abdul Rashid Mohammed Hirsi
2. Minister of Women and Family Development Dr. Anisa Haji Moumin
3. Director of the National Road Authority in Puntland (PHA)
4. Deputy Minister of ministry of Fishery and marine resources of the State of Puntland.
The President ordered the Committee to begin its work immediately to study how to deal with the current situation in the Alula district

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