August 15, 2017

the former director of Puntland Anti-Piracy Agency calls on the community to fight parliamentarians as a fight against pirates


In a press interview with the PuntlandPost news Agency in garowe city, the capital city o Puntland state of somalia , the former director of Puntland Anti-Piracy Agency, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Mohammad Dirir, Duaysane called on the Puntland state community to fight members of the Puntland parliament after the parliament's move to topple the ministerial council in 18th July 2017.

Abdul Razak condemned the deputies for receiving bribes and corruption, adding that the process began when an agreement with DP World was occurring

he added that The situation of the Puntland Parliament Council is now similar to the time of pirates, where community awareness is needed to overcome this scourge.

He called on the public and religious leaders to fight Corrupted parliamentarians by refusing to deal with them and refusing to sell items to them such as houses, food, clothes and even not to allow their children to marry girls from the community.

Duaysane's letter comes amid a controversial case after members of the House of Representatives were accused of receiving bribes after they lifted immunity from the government on 18 July 2017

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