October 15, 2017

Governor of Guardafui province presides over the weekly follow-up meeting to assess work and monitor performance


On Thursday, October 12, 2017, the governor of the province of Guardafui in the far east of Puntland in Somalia Mr. Mahmoud Ahmed Einab (Gubssul), presided over the weekly follow-up meeting to discuss the work accomplished last week, the work that was not carried out and the reasons that prevented its implementation And the evaluation of the performance of the sectors of ministries and agencies in the region and ways to develop its work.

This week's meeting was attended by the Coordinator of the Ministry of Interior and Local Governments in the province of Guardafui Mr. Abdul Qader Mohammed Jama Ato, the commander of the security sector in the region, General Mohammed Hersi omar , the coordinator of the Ministry of Ports and Anti-piracy Mr. Ahmed Waberi and representatives from the Ministry of Fisheries in the districts of Alula and Muranyo and officials representing the districts of the Guardafui province and the meeting was held at the meeting room in the local council building in the city of Alula, the capital city of Guardafui province.

at the beginning of the meeting the governor of the province of Guardafui discussed with the officials participated in the meeting the ways to develop the work of the ministries sectors in the region,and ways to accelerate the operations of the Ministry of Ports and anti maritime piracy in the region, as well as ways to enhance the income of land and marine taxes and exercise of tax control to achieve the objectives set for the Guardafui province.

The Governor discussed with the participants the ongoing preparations for the elections of the local council of the Alula District and the selection of the local council members and the arrangements for the election of the local council chairman and his deputy

At the end of the meeting, the governor of the province of Guardafui and the officials participated in the meeting made a surprise visit to the Alula district police station where they heard from the police chief of Alula district Lieutenant Abdul Salam Mohammed a report on the status and needs of the police station in the region and the governor praised the role of security and police forces in making the Guardafui region one of the most secure and stable regions in puntland and somalia

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