October 06, 2017

The teachers in rural areas in northeastern Somalia need motivation


Every year on the fifth of October, UNESCO ( United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) takes the lead in holding commemorative events all over the world to recognise, applaud and reward outstanding services rendered by teachers to their societies.

Most of the childhood years are spent at school. It is for this reason that teachers are considered to be parents of the pupils they teach.

the teachers, especially those working and living in difficult circumstances, need the solidarity and support of the governments, communities they serve day after day, year after year with extraordinary devotion and dedication to duty.

Unfortunately, in the far eastern regions of Bari and Guardafui provinces in somalia ,teachers development programmes lags behind in comparison to other provinces.

Teachers still have difficulty getting textbooks for students and have to write all the lectures on the blackboards , and they do not receive training courses to raise their educational standards so there are serious concerns about their status, professionalism and morale.

Surely teachers in these areas require the same level of preparation as those in urban settings.

In addition, teachers should be motivated in order to boost their productivity, effectiveness, efficiency and dedication in performing their task, which will enhance the quality of education in these areas.

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