December 07, 2017

#Puntland: There are questions about the backdrop of President Abdiwali Gas's government insistence on neglecting the lafa goray road in the province of #Guardafui


It seems that there is a determination by the government of President Abdiwali  Mohamed Ali Gas, President of Puntland State, to neglect an important road in Puntland and in northern Somalia, the Lafagoray Road 

the state of Puntland before a time began what it called the first phase of the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the lafagoray road after it was damaged by the winds and floods that accompanied the Chappala and Meg storms which hit the coastal areas in The Somali state of Puntland and in some parts of the Arabian Peninsula in early October of year 2015, causing extensive damage to the main roads and corridors of the area, placing the area in a three-month siege. These roads were completely closed

But the process stopped abruptly, without knowing the reasons and no one heard any news from the second phase of the project, not even the promises made by the president, that during his current term he will be dragged three major projects, including two international airports and the road of lafagoray

The road is worse than before, posing a danger to the safety of passengers. It has become evidence of the level of corruption in the Puntland state under President Abdiwali mohamed ali gas because of his government's bidding for incompetent construction companies which are unable to carry out their obligations and repair roads as difficult as lafagoray Road , and that raises questions on the background of this insistence on ignoring this important road 

On February 17, 2016, a delegation from Puntland state elders came to the road to investigate the situation of the road, raise funds and donations, and they sent a clear message to the Puntland government that this road needs urgent rehabilitation and reconstruction after a dispute between Beldaje Ismail Beldaji Yassin and current President of Puntland Abdiwali Mohamed Ali Gaas, which result in the president to insult the tribal leaders in the region, 

The situation of the road caused the suspension of officials of ministries and government bodies and international organizations including UN organazations  to go and work there and deliver their services to the the community of Guardafui region  sand the surrounding areas because traveling on this road and in these areas became dangerous 

The road to Lafagoray is the most important route connecting this area with the rest of the areas in Puntland and Somalia, where any step to reform, rehabilitate and modernize is  a step towards progress and prosperity in many cities and villages in the region of Guardafui, which have difficulties in contact with major cities because of its rugged geographical nature, and  It will also serve as a catalyst for social, economic, educational and health development in the areas of the Guardafui regions and will have a direct impact on Development of the community in these areas 

The construction of a road to Lafagoray was among the electoral promises of President Abdel-Wali Mohamed Ali Gas and confirmed during his historic visit to the province of Gardafu , Now that the president has only one year left in office, the president is still insisting on neglecting the road of lafagoray other off-road roads in the province of Guardafui and Questions are continuing .

Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed

Author: verified_user