February 24, 2018

Officials from the Puntland Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank inspect the service centers in Baargaal and laid the The foundation stone of the ministry's office complex in the city


The foundation stone of the Puntland Ministry of Finance office complex in Bargal district was laid in the city of Baargaal in the province of Guardafui, which is slated to be built in the coming period, near the municipality building.

The Deputy Governor of the Puntland central Bank, Mr. Mohamed Issa Hogamalaror, and the Income Coordinator of the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Kassem Mohammed Yousuf, representing the Ministry of Finance, the Accountant General of the Ministry of Finance in the province of Guardafui, Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Jeg, An Accountant at the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Mahmoud Shire Osman, And the head of the central bank in the city of Bossaso, Mr. Moussa aw Hussein and others took part in the function.

Following the laying of the foundation stone, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, Mr. Hogmelor, spoke about the development in the city of Bargal and urged the community to contribute to this construction based on President Puntland's statement that the Puntland government and its people will participate in all development projects

After that, the delegation inspected the service centers in the city, where they visited Mohammed huseen seceondry  School and talked with the students about their visit and the opportunities that these projects will bring them. They also visited the Child and Motherhood Care Center (MCH) in Baargaal and the Albani Institute of Sharia and Arabic Language as well as the headquarters of the BARFISCO Fishing company , where they discussed and heard from the Employees  in these centers the conditions and obstacles facing them

also They alerted that  how they should benefit from the natural resources that God bestowed upon them, such as fish and lobster and other sources wisely

The Baaragal community welcomed the laying of the foundation stone of the Ministry of Finance , pointing to the need for large financial centers such as government and private banks to meet the growing need in the region

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