August 15, 2018

TEACHING WITH HEART: A #Guardafui Education Story #Challenges & Aspirations #BackToSchool #Somalia


The Ministry of Education and Higher Education of the State of Puntland makes every effort to develop education in all areas of the State but do the ministry have statistics on the conditions of schools in Guardafui region.

Not all schools in different regions in Somalia are the same - different schools face different challenges, This is particularly true when looking at Guardafui schools in the far east of Somalia

Despite the large increase in the number of students enrolled in educational centers and schools but still the schools and educational centers in Guardafui province is under-served.

With the advent of the new school year and the return to school, we said that as local media platform we should highlight education in this part of Somalia, the challenges and obstacles facing students, teachers and education centers
Teacher hiring
It is very difficult to attract professional teachers in areas away from the main cities in Somalia because of the lack of many services compared to large cities - and also the lack of delivery of trainings and programs offered by the International organizations and there is a list of reasons why teachers are reluctant to progress to work in areas away from Major cities and and this list is long.
Schools not equipped with Internet access
People in large cities take broadband access as a matter of course, but in areas away from cities, it is not a priority because of the other difficulties facing the education sector in these areas.

Schools in this area did not get enough curriculum textbooks
Schools still have difficulty getting textbooks for students and so teachers have to write all the lectures on the blackboards , Which wastes a lot of time and much effort from students and teachers, and makes the learning process difficult

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