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The Bargal Students' Union #UMAB organize second Quran memorization competition in Bargal District

The members of the Bargal Students' Union (UMAB) are working hard to finalize a Quran memorization competition in the holy month of Ramadan at the level of all Holy Quran memorization centers in Bargal District  

The Bargal Quran Memorization Competition which will be the second regional competition, is  a step that will raise the level of competition between the Quran memorization centers in the region. 

The Bargal Student Union (UMAB) brought teachers and a judging committee to supervise the competition from Bosaso city in Bari Region for more confidence and fair competition for the centers and students participating  in the competition and also they have prepared valuable prizes for the first three positions of all categories of the competition

In response to this blessed effort, the elders and community organizations of the region described this move as a beautiful initiative that needs support and motivation.

Since the foundation of Bargal Students' Union (UMAB), they have contributed many educational and awareness-raising activities, especially to students in schools, Where they prepared lessons for material reviews and tests for transition students In the eighth and twelfth grades