Cyclone Kyarr causes storms in Oman

A storm has formed in the Arabian Sea. The baptized as Kyarr storm heading for the Omani coast and evolved meanwhile to the super cyclone. From the middle of the week, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) is expected to have severe effects in Oman.

In particular, the coastal areas - and thus the holiday regions - Oman are affected. Although Kyarr pulls parallel off the coast along; with strong wind, heavy rainfall and the risk of flying objects must still be expected on land.

The cyclone moves from east to west, starting Thursday (October 31), it will be stormy at Oman's easternmost tip, with the Category 4 cyclone spurring at top winds of 240 km / h. In the following days, the coastal towns of Masira, Duqm, Salalah and the island of Socotra feel the effects. By then, however, Kyarr is gradually losing power and is expected to ebb on 3 November as a Category 2 cyclone in the Gulf of Aden between Socotra, Yemen and Somalia.

Kyarr is the strongest cyclone in the Indian Ocean in twelve years. Last weekend, he raged over Pakistan and India before heading out to the open sea and heading for the Arabian Peninsula. The northern regions of Oman, including the capital Muscat, are unlikely to be affected.

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