September 19, 2011

Turkish group to restore Somalia’s biggest mosque

A team Turkish Religious Affairs Foundation (TDV) has on Sunday offered to renovate the Central Mosque, in the Somali capital of Mogadishu which was damaged due to civil war.
TDV’s international relations director Mustafa Tutkun Anadolu Agency that there are 200 mosques that needed restoration in Somalia, including the biggest mosques in the country.
Tutkun said Somali officials asked Turkey to restore mosques, donate Korans and religious books, as well as rehabilitating theological institutions and educating Somali students.
Tutkun said the foundation was planning to take 100 students to Turkey for education.
He said the students will first go to Koran courses and also learn Turkish language, and then they will be sent to Imam hatip schools in Turkey to gain theological education.
Tutkun also said the number of Somali students to be taken to Turkey would be raised to 250 by the end of this year. 


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  1. thanks to turkish what they are doing is real a good job , all somalis appriciate them


NB: Fadlan Akhriste Firkirka aad Dhiibanayso haku Ekaado Warkaan oo Keliya

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