January 10, 2017

third session of Bareeda local council officially Concluded today

Concluded today in bareda region in Puntland state of Somalia, the third session of the annual meeting of the local council, and was attended by the Interior Ministry delegate for the region, Mr. Abdilqaadir Aato ,the mayor of Bareeda District , the Deputy-Mayor , the General Secretary of Bareeda District and the local council members as well as some of the elders of the region and representatives of women's and youth organizations .

At the beginning of the closing ceremony the Mayor of Bareeda District Mr. Said Yusuf Diriye talked about the progress that has happened in the region in the past year and the obstacles they faced as a local council and he said that the town of Bareeda and surrounded areas has taken important steps in the direction of development during the past period, but he also added that there is more work waiting to be done In the future.

After that the Interior Ministry delegate in the Garadafu province Mr. Atto talked about the importance of regular meetings of the local councils and the importance of evaluating the hardworking officials and punishing those who do not perform their duties

Bareda is strategic district located in the northeastern Gardafu region in Puntland Somalia in the buffer zone between the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea and it's commercially active area which famous as location of fishing as well as mountainous area where surrounded palm farms and ground water and Aquifers

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