December 11, 2010

free domains offer .com,.net,.info etc hurry Up


Executive summary about free domains

There are several issues to be aware of when considering a free domain offer:
First, is it a real domain or a subdomain? The physical difference is versus

The former is far easier for users to read and remember. The functional difference is a matter of ownership. Owning a real legitimate domain name is critical to any websites success.

Buy a real domain for your website and your future success won’t be hampered by a lousy subdomain domain.

A lot of free “real” domains are offered by web hosting companies. Web hosts will offer free domains with a web hosting package. You may end up with a free domain but a year’s worth of junky web hosting service. The best advice is to keep your domains registered and web sites hosted with different companies.

Finally, seriously consider what domain ownership means. Domain ownership means possessing virtual real estate. Domain names have value and can be bought, sold, traded and developed. They are an investment. Don’t let anyone or anything keep you from true domain ownership even if the offer is free.


Author: verified_user