December 01, 2008

Why Are The Somali Pirates So Successful?


Piracy off the coast of Somalia is getting serious. Even the supply of video games for the Christmas season may be in danger. Should this happen, more attention may well be paid to the problem.
On 15 November 2008, Somali pirates captured their biggest prize thus far, a very large Saudi owned oil tanker. The attack on the Sirius Star, three times the size of a US aircraft carrier and capable of carrying 2m barrels of crude oil, is the most audacious in recent times. It took place 450 nautical miles south-east of Mombasa, Kenya more than twice as far out to sea as other recent attacks on shipping.
The tanker is apparently now near the Somali "town of Eyl, which has become a haven for pirates." A representative of the U.K. Seafarers' Union commented Read More

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