April 18, 2013

Conflicts in the news video attributed to a suicide bomber who blew himself up in a court of Banadir.

Days after the bloody attack by elements of the Al-shabab Al Mujahideen Movement on buildings of the Banadir's court.

Still the image is not clear about the identity of the suicide bomber who blew himself up in the attack .

and what increased speculation is when the Canadian government announced that a young Somali holding canadian nationality was Among the Bombers

The Canadian government mentioned the name of suicide who blew himself up as Mahad ali dhuur ,but Some Somali media and websites who used to publish news without source found and Misguided in a video apparently due to another young man named Ibrahim Ibnu Abbas Al-harariyy and this video spread in social networks meteoric,

The young guy unequivocally denied the story to blow himself up and said I HATE YOU LIERS. IM PROUD MUSLIM AND IM HAPPY I ACCEPT THE QADAR OF ALLAH AND I AM PATIENT WHY WOULD U STILL MY VIDEO AND MAKE FUN OF ME AND MY MOTHER" through his account in the facebook.

But some people question the young man and asking him to appear publicly and directly in the media to refute all these rumors

in my view , the websites that published the video should apologize to the young man and at the same time they must publish the deniy of the news on their front pages

In conclusion, i really dislike to write this article in English, but what force me to write it in English is a remark in the ibrahims facebook complaing that he couldnt undestand his own language .

Mohamed ibrahim ahmed ruunyo@facebook.com Baargaal - somalia

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