December 17, 2014

Bareda District Elected a New Mayor

In its first session, the newly elected local council in Bareda District ,Gardafu region in puntland state somalia elected Saed yusuf diriye as the new Mayor while osman abdi boqor clinched the office of Deputy-Mayor of Bareda District.

Councillor Saed yusuf diriye becomes the new mayor of Bareda District after 9 council members voted for him while thus defeating his opponent Councillor mohamud ahmad aynab well known as Gubsul who got 8 votes.

The 17 new councillors who chose the mayor and deputy in their first session had earlier on been sworn as council members of Bareda District

The election of the mayor and deputy of Bareda District which was the first session of the new council was witnessed by the Puntland Deputy Interior Minister Hon Abdulahi hashi "Qoob-Deero", and The new Governor of Gardafu region Mr. Abdiqadir yusuf mohamed (iidi), Gardafu regional government officers, traditional leaders and members of the Baredo local authorities as well as the civil society.

This elction makes Bareeda District become now one of the many districts in Puntland State of Somalia that has a local district council.

The delegation from Puntland State and Gardafuu now moved to Alula and Muranyo Dirtricts in order for the local people there to elect and build their own local district councils, which will then in return elect a Mayor and a Deputy Mayor.

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