February 20, 2017

Puntland’s president hails aid from Qatar

Qatar charity 

Qatar’s immediate help has significantly contributed in saving lives and decreased the magnitude of malnutrition in Puntland, its President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gas has said.
He commended the Qatar government for helping Somalis “in time of crises,” which has severely affected their livelihood.

He also thanked Qatar Charity (QC) for supporting aggrieved Somalis, especially women and children who are suffering malnutrition and other diseases caused by the effects of the drought.

The president appealed to humanitarian organizations to follow in QC’s footsteps in helping thousands of Somalis. “The crisis has completely destroyed nearly everything,” he said.

QC regional director Mohamed Hussain Omar pointed out that the “crisis’ magnitude is terrible and needs more support to confront its negative effects.”

QC’s “#Somalia_suffering_and_drought” campaign implemented relief projects in areas damaged by the drought in middle and northern Somalia, benefiting 1,050 families in its initial stage.

Apart from the previously distributed food packs and potable water in Puntland and Galmudug, QC said more relief goods will be given next week to hundreds of families. 

Omar said such initiative is part of their campaign to help Somalia and a response to the call of international organizations that stressed the increasing magnitude of the crisis.

“Such crisis requires organized and focused efforts leading to rescuing thousands of those who are affected,” he added.
He also thanked philanthropists in Qatar who are continuously helping in various developmental projects that make a difference in the lives of Somalis.

QC urged donors to continue donating for the benefit of their affected brothers who are suffering from water, food and medicine shortages, among others.

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