June 17, 2017

Ministry of Women & Family Affairs celebrates the International Day of African Child in Garowe


The Ministry of Women & Family Affairs , in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Puntland, held a ceremony dedicated to the celebration of the International Day of the African Child in Garowe , the capital city of the semi-autonomous state of Puntland in northern Somalia, which is being held on 16 June each year

The ceremony was attended by the President of Puntland State of somalia Dr. Abduwali Mohamed Ali Gas and the Minister of Justice, in the presence of the Minister of Women and Family Affairs Drs. Anisa Abdulkadir HajiMumin, & the Minister of Education and Higher Education in the state, Dr. Abshir Yousuf and other officials from the puntland government, in addition to representatives from  international organizations,  civil society and a large number of children which have been brought from the capital city of garowe .

The ceremony was opened by the Minister of Education and Higher Education in the State of Puntland, Dr. Abshir Yuosuf, where he stressed the keenness of his ministry to provide education for children in all stages of education and provide an environment suitable for education

In her speech at the ceremony, the Minister of Women's & Family Affairs in Puntland, Dr. Anisa Abdulkader HajiMumin, said that this event is a valuable opportunity to assess the efforts to raise the standard of living of children and indicated that her ministry is committed to continue its efforts to improve access to basic social services necessary to achieve Development and integrated care for children in Puntland.

The Minister Anisa added that the success of her ministry's efforts to improve the situation of children in difficulties, to protect girls and to facilitate access to education for children requires greater participation and more effective participation by all.

The Minister Anisa, concluded her speech by thanking development partners such as UNICEF, Save the Children and other organizations to continue to support programs aimed at helping the most needy children in early childhood

At the end of the ceremony, the President of the Puntland State, Dr. Abduwali Mohamed Ali Gas, said that his government has paid attention to the care and protection of women to build the future of Puntland, adding that they will also support the policy of protecting and caring for children

At the end of the ceremony, the President of the State of Puntland, handed over certificates of appreciation and cups to the children who won the competitions held on the occasion and distributed games and clothes for the festival of Eid to all children participated in the ceremony

On 16 June each year, African countries celebrate African Children's Day, which highlights the problems facing children in the African continent and the lack of funding for many needs.

The celebration commemorates the anniversary of the departure of thousands of black school children in 1976 to the streets of Soweto in South Africa, where they formed a large march that extended to more than half a kilometer, protested the low quality of education, demanded their right to learn in their mother tongue, 

Security forces killed hundreds of boys and girls.

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