October 03, 2017

The Governor of Gardafuu region in puntland inspected the process of education in a number of schools in Baargaal District


on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 The Governor of the province of Guardafui in the far east of the state of Puntland in Somalia, Mr. Mahmoud Ahmed Aynab Gubsul has paid an inspection visit to a number of schools in the district of Bargal In the province of Guardafui accompanied by the Mayor of the district Mr. Abukar Ahmed Yusuf , to see the progress of the educational process in the schools of the region.

The Governor of the province of Gardafu, listened a brief reports from the principals of Mohammed Hussein Secondary School and Bilal primary and intermediate School on the progress of the educational process and the difficulties they are facing, including the lack of curriculum Books

The governor of the province of Gardafuu praised the level of education in the district of Baargaal, including scientific competencies and the qualified teachers and he requst students in a short speach to take advantage of these opportunities

The visit of the Governor of the guardafui region to the schools in the baargaal district concern as an encouragement visit for students, teachers and even the school administrations After the officials of the Ministry of Education in the state of Puntland declined to visit schools in remote areas and just remained observing schools in major cities, making the schools in remote areas, including the schools of the province of Gardafuu follow the ministry remotely

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