October 25, 2017

Alula District Council elects new mayor & Deputy Mayor


On Wednesday, October 25, 2017, the newly elected local council in Alula district, the capital of Guardafui province in Puntland state in northeast of Somalia , elected Mr. Abdullahi Issa Saleh as the new mayor of the Alula district while Issa Mohamed Isse clinched the office of Deputy-Mayor.

Mr. Abdullah Issa Saleh became the new mayor of the city of Alula after his direct opponent Ahmed Haji ashkar known as shino withdrew from the election

Mr. Abdullah Issa Saleh became the new mayor of the city of Alula after 27 local council members voted for him while the Deputy-Mayor get 24 votes

today's election of the mayor and deputy of Alula District was witnessed by the governor of the province of Guardafui Mr. Mahmoud Ahmed Einab (Gubssul) , Sheikh of the elders of the region of Albari Beldaje Ismail Beldaje yasin , General directors from Ministry of Interior in Puntland, the Coordinator of the Ministry of Interior and Local Governments in the province of Guardafui Mr. Abdul Qader Mohammed Jama Ato, the mayor of Bareda district Mr. Abshir Mohamed ahmed and Gardafu regional government officers, traditional leaders and members of the Alula local authorities as well as the civil society and the election was held at Building of Alula Primary School.

In a presidential decree issued in 17th of January of This year by the Office of the President of Puntland state of somalia , Professor Abdul wali Mohamed Ali Gas and with the blessing of the Puntland Ministry of Interior has been dissolved local councils in Bareda and Alula Districts and committees were set up temporary.

After 10 months of waiting, tribal elders and provincial officials succeeded in restructuring the councils of these regions and electing new mayors for them

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