Fc Habo Team wins Gardafuu Province Football Tournament for Peace and Development

Fc Habo Team wins Gardafuu Province Football Tournament for Peace and Development

Aluula ,  18 July 2023 - The Habo City football team celebrated a remarkable victory yesterday after defeating the formidable Muranyo team 1-0 in the final game of the Gardafuu Province Football Tournament for Peace and Development. 

The exhilarating match, watched by hundreds of enthusiastic supporters, marked a significant moment for the province and its residents

The tournament, which aimed to promote unity, harmony, and community development, took place in Aluula the Capital city of gardafuu province over the course of two weeks. Teams from different cities and regions within the province enthusiastically competed, showcasing exceptional talent and sportsmanship throughout the event

The final showdown between Habo city  team and Muranyo team was a highly anticipated event, with both sides demonstrating unparalleled skill and determination. 

The atmosphere at the Alula Stadium was electric, as spectators from across the province gathered to witness this historic match along with Officials from the Puntland state government, led by the new governor of Guardfu district, members of the Puntland cabinet, and the secretary of Puntland Football Association participated in the final match

The game started off with both teams displaying their tactical prowess, engaging in a fierce battle for control over the ball. Habo City's forwards demonstrated swift footwork, attempting several shots on goal, but Muranyo's solid defense proved challenging to break through.

However,  after a while  Habo City striker, abu addow, made a stunning breakthrough, scorring the victory goal 

Following abu addow goal, the Habo City defense unit intensified their efforts, warding off every attempt by the Muranyo team to equalize. The match concluded with a final score of 1-0, sealing Habo City's well-deserved victory, much to the delight of their devoted fans.

In a post-match interview, the Habo City team captain, expressed his gratitude to the fans and emphasized the significance of such tournaments in driving societal change. "Today's victory is not only for our team but for the entire region. Our aim is to inspire our youth and demonstrate that through sports, we can build a brighter future based on peace, unity, and development," 

The Gardafuu Province Football Tournament for Peace and Development came to a memorable end, leaving everyone with a sense of hope and positivity. The event demonstrated the power of sports to bring people together and create lasting bonds, allowing communities to work towards a better future.

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