President Deni inaugurated modern police communication centre

President Deni inaugurated modern police communication centre


Today, the President of Puntland, Said Abdullahi Deni, officially inaugurated a modern communication centre at the General Command of the Puntland Police Force. The President toured the facility and witnessed the launch of a state-of-the-art communication system. He also received a comprehensive report from the Police Command and engaged with the officers responsible for communication.

Following the communication centre inspection, President Deni visited various sections of the Police Command headquarters, including the criminal investigation branch, the Nugaal Regional Division Command, and other offices. During the visit, the President convened a meeting with officials and received an extensive briefing from the General Command of the Puntland Police Force.

The establishment of the advanced communication centre signifies Puntland’s commitment to enhancing the efficiency of its police force. The modern communication system will facilitate coordination, information sharing, and rapid response capabilities, ultimately bolstering the police force’s ability to maintain peace, security, and low crime levels across the region.

President Deni’s presence and active engagement in the inauguration highlight his dedication to strengthening the security apparatus of Puntland. By investing in modern technology and infrastructure, the Puntland government aims to improve the overall performance and professionalism of the police force.

Deni’s recent travels

The President of Puntland recently returned to Garowe from a diplomatic mission to several countries. His journey aimed at creating new partnerships and development opportunities for Puntland. One of the key destinations during the President’s trip was the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

During his travels, the President held meetings and discussions with members of the Puntland diaspora living in the UAE, Kenya, and Ethiopia. The primary focus of these engagements was to inform the diaspora about investment opportunities in Puntland and encourage the diaspora’s participation in regional development.

The return of the President to Garowe signifies his renewed focus on the democratization of Puntland. Deni is expected to assume leadership in the timely implementation of the landmark one-person, one-vote presidential and parliamentary elections.

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