July 21, 2018

#AMISOM forces start withdrawing from #Somalia

#AMISOM forces start withdrawing from #Somalia

The African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) forces are set to start being withdrawn progressively and their responsibilities transferred to the federal government and security forces, Daily Reporter has learned.
This is among far-reaching recommendations were made during the 16-17 July high-level Somalia Partnership Forum in Brussels, which brought together senior Somali officials, major donors, and international organizations to discuss support to Somalia.
According to the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2372 (2017), Kenyan troops will leave Somalia by December 2020 after training Somalia security forces to take over control from AMISOM.
The planned withdrawal comes seven years after Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) troops entered Somalia under code name “Operation Linda Nchi” on October 14, 2011, in pursuit of Al-Shabaab terrorists who had been entering Kenya at will to abduct and kill aid workers and tourists in North Eastern and Coast regions.
According to the Watch List 2018 report prepared by security think-tank, International Crisis Group (ICG), the European Union (EU)’s decision to begin granting Somalia 100 million euros in direct budgetary support, benchmarked to revenue collection and anti-corruption measures, provides the Somali government incentives for reform.
The report however notes that the government’s main challenge is to carry out its National Transition Plan for Security, which lays out how its forces will take over from AMISOM, and its political roadmap on inclusive politics, which calls for a constitutional review process, direct elections by 2020, and clan reconciliation.
Mogadishu and the governments of Somalia’s six federal states (or regions) that include Puntland, Galmudug, Jubaland, South West State, Hirshabelle, Somaliland which declared independence in 1991 and has no relations with the Government of Somalia.
It adds that  a standoff between semi-autonomous federal state of Puntland and the self-declared republic of Somaliland threatens to escalate into open war; and spillover effects of the Gulf crisis have provoked a sharp deterioration of the Somali government’s relations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), roiled Somalia’s already factious politics and aggravated tensions between Mogadishu and Somali regions.
#Somalia #Partnership Forum in #Brussels: #Business as Usual

#Somalia #Partnership Forum in #Brussels: #Business as Usual

With the endless political crisis and the scathing resolution by the EU Parliament that portrayed Somali leadership as autocratic, one would think the Somalia Partnership Forum in Brussels would bring about good luck for the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS). While many analysts thought that the Brussels Forum would give the Somali leadership some much-needed political makeover, it rather has served the opposite.

The forum was intended to showcase for Somalia’s progress in areas of security, finance, economic development, reconciliation and inclusive politics and was projected to be a platform to garner more support from the International community and partners. The FGS entourage was large enough to include officials of various public and private sectors, namely the Chamber of Commerce, key ministers, and leaders of the Federal Member States (FMS), to make for a total of more than a hundred delegations.

When compared with previous international conferences for Somalia – where head of states and high-level representatives from intergovernmental entities attended – this Somalia Partnership Forum was co-chaired by Marjeta Jager, Deputy Director General for EU International Cooperation and Development. In politics, perception is a reality and for that, the low-level participation of International Partners in this conference was another tell tail sign. According to one participant who declined to share his name, the conference presentations from Somalia “were too poor, disorganized and clueless on the subject.”

Firstly, the communique is written as part of a checklist rather than as a document which sets out progress or agreement. Though the communique vaguely identified some progress, it admitted that no progress were made on the actual benchmarks agreed at the London Conference on May 2017. In fact, it outlined new enhanced and complicated timetables of the benchmarks and milestones of London Conference, but this time recommends a full cooperation between the FGS and FMS on its implementation without separation of responsibilities.

With respect to the Comprehensive Approach to Security (CAS) particularly on the National Security Architecture, the communique fully undermined the FGS by endorsing a parallel national army to be established at the regional level, contrary to article 54 (B) of the Provisional Constitution. 

Under our current context, this will only result for a dysfunctional command and control of the army and lack of coordination. In other words, it is the perfect recipe for renewed political conflict between the FGS and FMS.
With respect to the proposed condition-based transition plan for AMISOM handover of security responsibilities to Somali forces, the communique again expresses the ambiguity on the transition plan as it failed to be very explicit with benchmarks and achievable milestones. However, the review on the Operational Readiness Assessment (ORA) by the AU clearly pointed out that the Somali National Army is not yet ready to takeover responsibility from AMISOM. 

In fact, the scheduled takeover of Mogadishu stadium initially slated for July 2017 was deferred to February 2019. And what does that say about the AMISOM exit strategy is at anyone’s guess.

On the economic development, the Communique neglected completely the existence of the National Development Plan (NDP) and rather called for a new plan – again a clear illustration that the country has no clear economic development strategy. On the finance front, the International Financial Institutions endorsed the continuation of the staff monitoring program (SMP) a prerequisite for debt relief without putting a clear indicative donor plan on funding the needed local currency to print or debt relief.

In addition, the Mutual Accountability Framework usually outline that both parties, the FGS and the Donor, share the responsibility and accountability. However, the communique states that only the FGS is held responsible and accounted for all.

In conclusion, by rating the overall conference, HOL editorial gives the FGS “C” as the conference stirred more political cleavage and disagreement between the FGS and FMS. Consequently, Mr. Abdiweli M. Ali “Gas” and Mr. Ahmed M. Islam “Madobe” both presidents of Puntland and Jubaland respectively held their own private meetings with Federica Mogherini, Vice President of the European Commission, knowing well the political and financial clout the EU has over Somali leadership, whereas AMISOM scored big as the winner with an “A” on the Brussels conference as it secured 114.2 Million Euro from the EU for the next five months. 

As for the other 200 Million Euros allocated for Somalia, it will certainly go to different trust funds of the UN, World Bank, regional and international agencies. At the end, FGS is set to fail.

July 18, 2018

Magaalada Taageer ee Degmada #Baargaal ee Gobolka #Gardafuu oo lagu caleema saaray Nabadoon C/laahi Nabadoon Caynab  [Sawiro]

Magaalada Taageer ee Degmada #Baargaal ee Gobolka #Gardafuu oo lagu caleema saaray Nabadoon C/laahi Nabadoon Caynab [Sawiro]

Magaalada  Taageer ee Degmada Baargaal  ee gobalka Gardafuu waxaa  lagu caleema saaray Nabadoon Cabdulaahi Nabadon Caynab muuse Xaaji Samatar oo Nabadoon u noqon doona Beesha Liibaan Cabdisamad ee Beelaha aadan Cabdiraxmaan ee Siwaaqroon 

Xalafada caleema saarka oo ahayd xaflad lagu caleema saaro Nabadoon tii ugu waynayd oo lagu qabto deeganada gobolka Gardafuu iyo  Calbari ayaa ahayd mid si qurux badan loo soo agaasimay iyadoo lagu saleeyay Hidaha iyo dhaqanka soomaaliyeed ayaa waxaa ka soo qayb galay dhamaan Nabadoonada deegaanka iyo Nabadoono iyo cuqaal ka kala yimid degmooyinka iyo magaalooyin waawayn  ee Puntland iyo Soomaaliya iyo Aqoonyahano iyo waxgarad ka yimi dalalka deriska ah, samadoono, culamaaudiin , masuuliiyin ka socada Dawlada Puntland oo uu hogaaminaayay Xildhibaan Salaad Xareed cali, iyo sidoo kale gudoomiyaha Gobolka Gardafuu Maxamuud Axmed Caynab Gubsul iyo Gudoomiyaha Degmada Baargaal Abuukar Axmed Yuusuf iyo Taliyaha Qaybta Gobolka Gardafuu taliye shire Cabdi  ismaaciil iyo marti sharaf kale oo kor dhaafay 700 oo qof 
Isimadii iyo Nabadoonadii ka hadlay Caleemasarka  oo ka jeediyay madashii caleemasaarka  khudbado isugu jiray Dardaaran iyo Duco ayaa waxa ay sheegeen in ay Nabadoonka Cusub ay ku soo dhaweeynaayaan Saaxada Nabadoonada islamarkaana ay garab taagan yihiin.
Inta badan Masuuliyinta ka soo Qeb Gashay Caleema saarka oo goobta ka hadalay ayaa balan qaaday in ay soo dhaweeynayaan Nabadon Cabdulaahi Nabadoon Caynab islamarkaana ay alle uga baryayaan in uu xilka u fududeeyo.
Nabadoon cabdulaahi Nabadoon caynab  oo ugu danbayntii ka hadlay munaasimda caleemasaarka ayaa marka hore bogaadiyay sida wayn ee  loo soo ajiibay oo looga soo qaybgalay xaflada caleemasaarkiisa asagoo  ka codsaday in ay la shaqeeyaan wuxuuna u duceeyay dadka iyo dalka in ilaahay u siyaadiyo nabadda , kana dulqaado abaarta  uguna badalo raxmad iyo barwaaqo 

Waa markii ugu horeesay Caleemasaar Noocaan oo kale ah uu kadhaco deegaanada Calbari iyo gobolka gardafuu

Dhamaan maamulka iyo  shaqaalaha shabakada BAARGAAL.NET waxay u hanbalyaynaayaan Nabadoon cabdulaahi Nabadoon caynab Ayagoo ilaah uga baryaaya Nabadoonka cusub inuu u fududeeyo hawsha loo igmaday



July 17, 2018

Rasmi:  Wasaaradda #Waxbarashada iyo Tacliinata sare ee Dowlada #Puntland oo shaacinaysa imtixaankii Dugsiyada sare maalinta barito ah

Rasmi: Wasaaradda #Waxbarashada iyo Tacliinata sare ee Dowlada #Puntland oo shaacinaysa imtixaankii Dugsiyada sare maalinta barito ah

Wasaaradda Waxbarashada iyo Tacliinta sare ee Puntland ayaa sheegtay inay si rasmiya u shaacinayso imtixanadkii Dugsiyada sare ee puntland,

Hadal ka soo baxsy wasaarada ayaa lagu yiri " kadib Markii saacado badan shirar loo fadhiyey maal mihiila soo dhaafay waxay Wasaaradda Waxbarashada iyo Tacliinta sare ee Puntland si rasmiya u shaacinaysaa imtixanadkii Dugsiyada sare ee puntland,

dhammaan maamulayaasha, Macalimiinta sharaftaleh iyo ardayda, waalidka iyo bulshawaynta soomaaliyeed ee ku nool deegaaanda Puntland, waxaan la socodsiinaynaa in Malinta barito ah in la shaacinayo Natiijadii imtixaanka Dugsiyada sare ee Puntland ee Sanad Dugsiyeed 2017- 2018.

haddaba aradyga waxaa la rabaa mobilkiisa in uu kala socdo natiijda isagoo tagaya qaybtiisa massegka oo ku qoraya 299 ka dibna Roll Numberkisa imtixaanka galinaya.

Ardayda waxaa la ogaysiinya inay is dajiyaan kuna qancaan natijadooda qofka nolasaha kama dhicin marna waa uu ku laaban karaa sanad dugsyeedka kale haduu natiijada ku qanci waayo Ardaygu.

July 15, 2018

July 10, 2018

The @GaroweBookFair  is an opportunity to revive the culture of book Reading in #Somalia #GIBF2018

The @GaroweBookFair is an opportunity to revive the culture of book Reading in #Somalia #GIBF2018

Under the theme “Raandhiis Qoraal iyo Raasumaal Dhaqan”which is the culture  that is deeply rooted in traditions, poetry, food and clothings, the 4th annual exhibition of Garowe International Book Fair 2018 will kick off on Monday (July 16) and will continue until July 19 at East Africa University's branch in garowe 

The exhibition which is organized jointly by The Somali Institute for Development and Research (SIDRA) and SCANSOM Publishers  is expected to be attended by more than 3,000 participants  including Somali authors, poets, academics,playwrights, motivational speakers,literary scholars, from across the Somali regions and around the world. 

Among the activities favored by a large number of people and accompanied by the Garowe International Book Fair is the Exhibition of Arts and Heritage, which provide a comprehensive presentation and documentation of the history of the Arabian peninsula and the Horn of Africa, and especially the History of Somalia through newspaper clippings and historical magazines and photographs.

The Garowe International Book Fair, at its fourth session, presents a more comprehensive program that reflects the achievements of past years and gives priority to empowering the community in Puntland and the Somali people at home and abroad from sources of knowledge and advancing of the individuals through reading

The four-days International Book Fair will host a group of authors in the fields of poetry, theater, novels and children's books, as well as selected Somali lecturers, authors and publishers. 

Guests of this year include Mr. Ahmed Farah Ali (idaja) one of The most famous Somali poets, who has written many books, such as the poetry of Mr. Muhammad Abdullah Hassan, wiilwaal and other literary books.

The exhibition will also host Professor Abdullah Hussein Hassan, author, poet and historian who has written many books on history, politics and literature in Somalia. Including 15 books in Arabic language . 

Among the hosts there is  Dr. Mohammed Sheikh Hassan, founder of the SCANSOM Publishers and a number of eminent personalities as well as many authors.

The Fourth International Book Fair is also full of a variety of cultural events including lectures, literary and intellectual events as well as concerts, new book signing ceremonies and outstanding theater performances. 

The Garowe International Book Fair plays an important role in promoting culture of reading and writing among people of all categories In the state of Puntland and throughout Somalia to share this goal with other exhibitions in Somalia such as Hargeisa, Mogadishu and Kismayo Book Fairs

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July 08, 2018

Xog: Weerarka Otto Otto oo #khilaaf ka dhex abuuray Madaxda #Qaranka & Hay’adaha #amaanka

Xog: Weerarka Otto Otto oo #khilaaf ka dhex abuuray Madaxda #Qaranka & Hay’adaha #amaanka

Warar dheeraad ah ayaa waxa uu kasoo baxayaa weerar ismiidaamin iyo mid toosa oo lagu qaaday Xarunta Wasaarada Arrimaha Gudaha Xukuumada Somalia ee Otto Otto.
Weerarka oo khasaaro lixaad leh geystay ayaa khilaaf ka dhex abuuray Madaxda ugu sareysa dalka iyo Hay’adaha amaanka dowlada.
Khilaafka ka dhashay weerarka ayaa xoogiisa u dhexeeya Ra’isul wasaaraha Xukuumada Somalia Xasan Cali Kheyre iyo Madaxda iyo Taliyayaasha Hay’adaha amaanka.
Khilaafka ayaa soo ifbaxay kadib markii ay soo baxeen warar sheegaya in weerarka ay fududeeyen Saraakiil ka tirsan Hay’adaha amaanka oo qaab khaldan u adeegsaday xilalka amni oo ay u hayaan dowlada Somalia.
Ra’isul wasaare Xasan Kheyre oo aan ku qancin warbixinta laga siiyay weerarka ayaa amar ku bixiyay in Jawaab degdeg ah laga keeno weerarka muddo 48 saacadood, iyadoo haddii jawaabtaasi la waayo ay xilka ku weyn doonaan ilaa 4 Taliye ciidan oo ku lug lahaanshiyaha weerarka looga shakisan yahay.
Kheyre ayaa Madaxda Hay’adaha amaanka ku wargaliyay inuu qaadi doono talaabo fal celin ah waa haddii la waayo cadeymaha weerarka iyo shaqsiyaadka ku lugta lahaa fududeynta.
Sidoo kale, weerarka Wasaarada ayaa tuhun weyn ka dhex abuuray Madaxda Hay’adaha amaanka waxa ayna xigtu tahay mid muujineysa inay ka qeybqaaten Saraakiil ka tirsan Hay’adaha amaanka oo sii daayay gaadiidka Qarxay iyo maleeshiyaadka galay xarunta.
Lama saadaalin karo halka uu caga dhigan doono khilaafka, waxaana loo badinayaa in mas’uuliyiin badan ay xilkooda ku weyn doonaan maadaama ay soo ifbaxeyso in kiiska weerarka loo hayo cadeymo.

July 04, 2018

Wasaaradda #Amniga DFS: Waxaan ka hortageynaa hubka ay Al-shabaab kala soo deegaan xeebaha #Soomaaliya

Wasaaradda #Amniga DFS: Waxaan ka hortageynaa hubka ay Al-shabaab kala soo deegaan xeebaha #Soomaaliya

Dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliya ayaa sheegtay inay ka hortageyso hubka Shabaab ay kala soo dagaan xeebaha Soomaaliya, gaar ahaan dhulka ay gacanta ku hayaan xoogaga Al-Shabaab.

Wasiir ku xigeenka Wasaaradda amniga Soomaaliya C/naasir Siciid, ayaa wuxuu sheegay dadaalada dowladda Federalka Soomaaliya iminka ay wado in ay tahay arrinta la xiriirta sidii dakadaha Soomaaliya hubka ay kala soo dagaan Shabaab iyo Daacish looga hortagi lahaa.

Wasaaradda Amniga ayaa sheegtay in si taallaabadaa loo suurtagaliyio dowladdu dhiseyso ciidamada badda Soomaaliya oo si wayn loo tayeyn doono, si xeebaha Soomaaliya ay uga shaqeeyaan.

“In aan ka hortagno Ururada argagixisada adeegsiga ay adeegsanayaan baddan Soomaaliya ee iska furan noqotay iyaga oo hub kala soo daga Gobolada qaybtooda, kuna dhibaateeya shacabka Soomaaliya, arrimahaasi oo dhan markaan aragnay waxaan istusnay in aan dhisno ciidamada illaalada Xeebaha Soomaaliya.” Ayuu yiri Wasiir Ku xigeenka amniga Soomaaliya.

Hadalkaan ayaa Wasiir ku xigeenka dhanka amniga Soomaaliya wuxuu ka sheegay kulan gaar ah oo ay isugu yimaadeen Wasiirada dhanka ammaanka ee Maamul Goboledyada iyo kan dowladda dhexe, kaasi oo lagu lafa gurayay suurtagalnimada in laga hortago hubka ay la soo dagaan kooxaha dowladda ka soo horjeeda.
Al Shabaab ayaa hub badan waxa ay kala soo dagaan deegaano ka tirsan Koonfurta iyo Bartamaha Soomaaliya oo ay gacanta ku hayaan, hubkaasi oo badanaa ay ka soo iibsadaan dalka Yemen.

July 03, 2018

Wasiirka arrimaha dibadda #Soomaaliya & Safiirka #Imaaraadka oo kulan gaar ah wada qaatay

Wasiirka arrimaha dibadda #Soomaaliya & Safiirka #Imaaraadka oo kulan gaar ah wada qaatay

Wasiirka arrimaha dibadda Somaliya Axmed Ciise Cawad ayaa kulan gaar ah Magaalada Muqdisho kula qaatay Safiirka dowladda Imaaraadka Carabta u fadhiya Magaalada Muqdisho.
Imaaraadka Carabta ayaa dooneysa sidii loo xalin lahaa khilaafka ka dhex taagan Imaaraadka iyo dowladda Somaliya, waxaana maalmahan dambe Safiirka Imaaraadka lagu arkayaa fagaarayaasha Siyaasadda Somaliya.
Axmed Ciise Cawad iyo Safiirka Imaaraadka Carabta Mohamed Al-Cuthmani ayaa ka wada hadlay xiriirka labada dal ee Somaliya iyo Imaaraadka iyo sidii loo wanaajin lahaa.
Saraakiil ka tirsan Wasaaradda arrimaha dibadda Somaliya ayaa sheegay in Imaaraadka ay isku dayayaan xalinta Khilaafaadkii sababay in Imaaraadka ay joojiyaan tababaradii ay siin jireen ciidamada Xoogga dalka iyo mad madowgii xiriirka labada dal soo kala dhex galay.
Inkastoo Imaaraadka Carabta ay wadaan dadaalada xalinta Khilaafaadka taagan, ayaa haddana dhanka dowladda Somaliya jirin wax war ah oo ka soo baxay oo arrimahan ku aadan.
Somaliya oo ah dal qani ah, islamarkaana muddo ku soo jiray bur bur ayaa hadda wuxuu ka soo kabsanayaa xaalad dagaal, xilli dowlado kala duwan ay hardan adag ku bixinayaan khayraadka kala duwan ee Somaliya ku jira.
Dhagayso: Gudoomiyaha Degmada Baargaal : Ma naqaan sababta wasaaradaha Arimaha gudaha iyo qorshayntu nooga saareen mashaariicda Horumarinta Degmooyinka Puntland ee ee JPLG

Dhagayso: Gudoomiyaha Degmada Baargaal : Ma naqaan sababta wasaaradaha Arimaha gudaha iyo qorshayntu nooga saareen mashaariicda Horumarinta Degmooyinka Puntland ee ee JPLG

Gudoomiyaha Degmada Baargaal Abokor Axmed Yusuf oo waraysi ssiyay warbaahinta ayaa sheegay in wax mashaariic oo ku saabsan barnaamijka horumarinta degmooyinka puntland ee JPLG aysan wasaarada arimaha gudaha Puntland ka fulin degmada Baargaal sababtuna aysan garanayn dhankooda.

Gudoomiyaha ayaa intaasi ku daray in wasaaradaha Arimaha Gudaha iyo qorshaynta ay arinkaas dib u eegis ku sameeyaan isagoo hadalkiisa ku xusay in Baargaal ay tahay degm qadiimi ah oo heerka labaad ee degmooyinka ah " B" laguna daray barnaamijka degmooyin cusub oo heerka c ah

ugu danbayntii gudoomiyaha ayaa baaq u diray wasaaradaha arimaha gudaha iyo qorshaynta iyo madaxwaynaha punland in arinkaas wax laga qabto

halkan ka dhagayso hadalka gudoomiyaha

June 26, 2018

Sawiro: Puntland oo ciidan aad u badan geysay Takuraq iyo cabsi halkaas ka taagan

Sawiro: Puntland oo ciidan aad u badan geysay Takuraq iyo cabsi halkaas ka taagan

Cutubyo kamid ah ciidamada Difaaca ee dawladda Puntland oo subaxnimadii saaka kasoo dhaqaaqay Saldhigyadooda magaalada Qardho, ayaa gaaray Jiidaha dagaalka ee Tukaraq, waxayna muujiyeen sida ay diyaarka ugu yihiin in ay la dagaalamaan cadowga ku soo duulay Puntland.
Saraakiisha ciidamada hogaaminaysa ayaa sheegay in ay yihiin qeybihii ugu horeeyey oo kasoo ruqaansada Saldhigyada ciidamada Daraawiishta ee gobalka Karkaar, ka dib markii ay heleen amarka taliska ciidamada Difaaca ee dawladda Puntland.
Guddiga Difaaca oo la hadlay ciidamadan ayaa u sheegay in ay gudanayaan waajibaad Qaran oo ah in loo dhaawacmo loona dhinto dalka, waxayna sheegeen in lagu soo duulay Puntland oo ay maanta iska difaacayaan cadow kusoo duulay Puntland.
Guutooyin kamid ah ciidamada ayaa kusoo wajahan Tukaraq saacadaha soo socda, waxaana lafilayaa in ay ciidamadan ay qeyb ka noqdaan guluf dagaal oo ku wajahan magaalada Laascaanood.

halkan ka daawo sawirada

June 25, 2018

June 21, 2018

Daawo: Machad lagu baranaayo culuumta Shareecada Islaamka iyo luqada Carabiga oo laga furay magaalada Baargaal

Daawo: Machad lagu baranaayo culuumta Shareecada Islaamka iyo luqada Carabiga oo laga furay magaalada Baargaal

Machad lagu baranaayo culuumta Shareecada Islaamka iyo luqada carabiga oo taabacsan kuliyada shareecada ee jaamacada Bariga Afrika ee Magaalada boosaaso ayaa maanta lagu daahfuray magaalada Baargaal ee gobolka gardafuu kaasi oo loogu magacdaray Machadka Shareecada Islaamka ee ee aflax.

Xaflada furitaanka ayaa ahayd mid si wayn loo soo agaasimay iyadoo ay ka soo qayb qaateen masuuliyiin ka socatay maamulka Degmada Baargaal ,Ganacsato , Aqoonyahano ,Nabadoono , Cuqaal, arday Macalimiinta Xarumaha Waxbarashada ,dadweyne iyo culuma,udiin si weyn looga yaqaan Deegaanka iyo bulshada qaybaheeda kala duwan

Machadka iyo sababaha loo Aas aasay ayaa waxaa faah faahin dheerka bixiyay maamulaha machadka iyo xarunta daar aw cumar ee xifdinta quraanka kariimka iyo tacliinta asaasiga ah Shiikh cawil jaamac muuse.

Waxaa kale oo goobta ka hadlay Macalimiin , waxgarad iyo Isimo ka soo jeeda deegaanka iyaga oo u mahad celiyey aasaasayaasha machadka waxayna ugu baaqeen dhalinyarada in ay ka faa,ideystaan Machadka al aflax

halkan ka daawo 

June 20, 2018

Madaxweyne Gaas oo Magacabay Garyaqaanka Guud ee Puntland.

Madaxweyne Gaas oo Magacabay Garyaqaanka Guud ee Puntland.

Garowe :- Madaxweynaha Dowladda Puntland Cabdiweli Maxamed Cali ayaa Magacabay Garyaqaanka Guud ee Dowladda,kagadaal markii uu geeriyoday garyaqaan Maxamed Xasan.
Madaxweyne Cabdiweli waxaa uu Garyqaanka Cusub ka dhigay Maxamed Yuusuf Maxamuud,Xeer Madaxweyne Lr. 83 June 19 2018, kuna saabsan Magacaabid  Garyaqaanka Guud ee Dowladda Puntland.
Madaxweynaha Dowladda Puntland 
Markuu arkay:                                   Dastuurka Dowladda Puntland.
Markuu tixgaliyey:                          Aqoon tiisa iyo khibradiisa Shaqo
Wuxuu Xeeriyey:
1.Waxaa Maxamed Yuusuf Maxamuud loo Magacaabay Garyaqaanka Guud ee Dowladda Puntland
2.Xeerkani wuxuu dhaqan gelayaa markuu Madaxweynuhu saxiixo, wuuna saxiixay Madaxweynuhu.

June 18, 2018

(SAWIRRO) Shacabka Garowe:  Laascaano Madi ma ahan, waxaana la joogaa xilligii laga xorayn lahaa maamulka gooni goosadka ah.

(SAWIRRO) Shacabka Garowe: Laascaano Madi ma ahan, waxaana la joogaa xilligii laga xorayn lahaa maamulka gooni goosadka ah.

Mudaharaad balaaran oo shacabka Garowe ay kaga soo horjeedaan dhibaatada iyo duulaanka maamulka gooni u goosadka ah ee Hargeysa uu ku soo qaaday gobolka Sool ayaa maanta ka dhacay magaalada Garowe ee caasimadda Puntland.

Dadweynaha mudaharaadka dhigayay oo ay ka muuqatay shacuur xoogan ayaa waxay muujiyeen sida ay uga xunyihiin dhibaatada maamulka Hargeysa uu ku hayo shacabka Laascaanood, oo marti unoqday dil, xabsi iyo caburin joogta oo lagu hayo.

Waddooyinka Garowe ayay socod dheer ku Mareen dadweynihii isu Soo baxay iyagoo isugu tagay barxada Garowe, halkaasi oo ay warbaahinta kula hadleen.

Shacabku waxay ku dhawaaqayeen erayo ay kamid yihiin Laascaano Madi maahan, isla markaana maanta la joogo xilligii la xorayn lahaa.

Shacabku sidoo kale waxay ku dhawaaqayeen inay garabtaagan yihiin ciidamada difaaca Puntland ee ku jira jiidaha dagaalka ee gobolka Sool.


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Magaalada Taageer ee Degmada #Baargaal ee Gobolka #Gardafuu oo lagu caleema saaray Nabadoon C/laahi Nabadoon Caynab [Sawiro]

Magaalada  Taageer ee Degmada Baargaal  ee gobalka Gardafuu waxaa  lagu caleema saaray Nabadoon Cabdulaahi Nabadon Caynab muuse Xaaji Sa...